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Popularly known for his inspiring Quotes and Articles, Johnson Crystal Kalu has been a source of hope and motivation to thousands of people.
Growing up a shy, low self esteemed teenager with an intense fear of public speaking, went through a process of Self Discovery #AsIBeganToDiscoverMyself and today with the help of God is a growing Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Computer Programmer/Software Developer and Author of 6 Inspiring Books.
Currently, he is the founder of Hopeful Me an inspirational social network community.
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Johnson Crystal Kalu
Johnson Crystal Kalu


Things I do!

Motivational Speaking

One of the easiest things I do today is to face an audience and give a presentation. But one of the most difficult things I have ever done was just to believe I could.
You have unlimited potentials in you, Impossible is nothing!
Professionally, I give inspirational Speeches, Host Events, Anchor Talk Shows, and every other thing that involves talking to people generally.

Software development

I Build, I teach and I Develop. As a Fullstack developer I create web and mobile applications. And of course, I do Graphics designing and App development too.
I have been privileged to teach hundreds of IT students web development. And I have founded Tech Start-ups.
Currently I am the lead developer and graphics designer at Hopeful Me and I'll love to work with you.

Life Coaching

I volunteer to coach and mentor people.
I believe we all at some point in our lives need some coaching. I have a saying that "Every Coach needs a Coach" not necessarily because they are weak but because they want to remain strong.
I wont say all these and just walk away, I will walk with you.
I am willing to be of great help and assistance to you. You can talk to me!


Johnson Crystal Kalu has authored about 6 Books, some of which are available on Play Store and Amazon Kindle. In these books, he shares ideas and keys to self discovery, growth, development and ways of holding onto and actualizing ones dreams.
Above Average
Your Dreams Are Possible
Exciting Life
Becoming a Better Student
Hopefulme (4)
Hopefulme (3)
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Recent updates by Johnson Crystal Kalu:
4 days ago johnsoncrystal
Today, we are celebrating 100+ students on JCK Academy. 🥂🥇💯 This milestone is remarkable not just because of the numbers but because of the impact. Lots of people who knew little or nothing about Graphics, Photo editing etc are gradually becoming pros and earning a living for themselves. .. Read more

11th November, 2021 johnsoncrystal
Behind the scene shot for OWN YOUR KITCHEN ebook. 😀 I'll be introducing my very own special recipe in this publication and also: - QUICK AND SIMPLE FOOD EVERY MAN SHOULD KNOW HOW TO PREPARE - KITCHEN HYGIENE AND TIPS. - HOW TO WIN THE HEART OF YOUR WOMAN THROUGH COOKING - COOKING AS A MARRIE.. Read more

5th November, 2021 johnsoncrystal
Living life with everything ❤ #7thNovember #JCK

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Amazing Hopeful Me Picture quotes by Johnson Crystal Kalu:
Johnson Crystal Kalu Quotes
Johnson Crystal Kalu Quotes
Johnson Crystal Kalu Quotes
Johnson Crystal Kalu Quotes
Johnson Crystal Kalu Quotes
Johnson Crystal Kalu Quotes
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Johnson Crystal Kalu has always had this passion to act. And somehow began series of comedy skits, which might interest you to watch:
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Some of these videos have been helpful to a whole lot of people. Watch and Listen to Johnson Crystal Kalu share some thoughts with you.
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An Inspirational Social Network Community.
- This could be one of the greatest invention of our time -
With About 2,000 registered Users on the App and over 20 Events/outings, Hopeful Me was Founded in 2017 by Johnson Crystal Kalu.
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