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8th October, 2021 johnsoncrystal
If someone tells you: πŸ—£οΈ"You love too much, you care too much, you are too emotional, you are very soft hearted, you are moved easily etc" Don't feel bad or try to explain why you do what you do.πŸ₯Ί Inasmuch as we all work on ourselves everyday, I want you to be proud of your personality... Read more

6th October, 2021 johnsoncrystal
On Monday when Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram went offline, it was a disturbing moment for almost everyone. πŸ˜– But I was happy when I saw members of Hopeful Me who logged in on our App and sent me messages. 😊 This simply means, we do need other social media platforms to thrive but we don't f.. Read more

3rd October, 2021 johnsoncrystal
Commitment outweighs passion!πŸ”₯ - JCK - #Ahopefulme

18th September, 2021 johnsoncrystal
A new weekend to learn a new skill. πŸ€— #JCKAcademy #GraphicsDesign

5th September, 2021 johnsoncrystal
Don't enter into Relationships because you are looking for love. 🚫 Enter into Relationships because you have love to share. πŸ₯ΊπŸ’• Spend quality time with yourself, your family, friends and people around. *First find love within you!*❀️ #JCK #HopefulMe #FindingLoveWithin

4th September, 2021 johnsoncrystal
Whenever you see me checking my phone in front of a young lady, I'm not asking for her contact.🌚 Rather I'm talking to her about Hopeful Me or helping her install our App. Official duties only! 😁 Please be like JCK P.S I may still collect the contact for follow up πŸ€§πŸ˜‚ #Cruise #M.. Read more

10th August, 2021 johnsoncrystal
Men at Work

31st July, 2021 johnsoncrystal
What an amazing weekend at UNEC. Anticipate something inspiring from HopefulMe 😍

16th July, 2021 johnsoncrystal

22nd June, 2021 johnsoncrystal
I don't just want to be successful. I want to achieve the impossibleπŸ”₯ - JCK -

10th June, 2021 johnsoncrystal
Man dey

1st June, 2021 johnsoncrystal
Let go of the past, it's no longer yours! #AsIBeganToDiscoverMyself #JCK

25th May, 2021 johnsoncrystal
You believed in me when nobody did. You gave me your hands when nobody could. You became my light when I couldn't see. You gave me your heart when I needed love. You came into my life and became my Hope. You saw my flaws, yet you still called me your own. They called me a loser, you made m.. Read more

16th May, 2021 johnsoncrystal
See you at the Top. #Hopefulme #JCK

15th April, 2021 johnsoncrystal
Hopeful Camera 😍😍 Mon Dieu est Bon

7th March, 2021 johnsoncrystal
Happy Sunday from JCK ❀

20th December, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Smile. πŸ™‚ Everything is gonna be alright ❀

20th December, 2020 johnsoncrystal
I have everything good in abundance. I AM A COMPLETE MAN ❀ #JCK #CompleteMan #HopefulMe

11th November, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Uploaded a new profile photo  

7th November, 2020 johnsoncrystal
For those of us in different locations. We can still celebrate online😁😍❀️.

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