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26th March, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Stay Hopeful and Strong 🙌

23rd March, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Yours Hopefully 😊😊😊

18th March, 2020 johnsoncrystal
very important

27th February, 2020 johnsoncrystal
I made an inspirational video today. Anticipate!!! #JCK #HopefulMe

27th January, 2020 johnsoncrystal
You are can achieve more, you were not created to be average. Join us at HopefulMe. Let's inspire the world around us. #HopefulMe

26th January, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Hopeful Crystal

17th January, 2020 johnsoncrystal
We accepted ourselves the way we are. We accepted our inadequacies. We accepted our inabilities. We accepted our weaknesses. We accepted so many things. But when we accepted Christ into our lives, he changed us and he now became the life we live. He strengthened us by our Faith and also qu.. Read more

5th January, 2020 johnsoncrystal
If you don't like me in real life at least like me in cartoon. 😊😊 #JohnsonCrystalKalu

1st January, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Welcome to 2020! #HappyNewYear

24th December, 2019 johnsoncrystal
Merry Christmas from your one and only: Coach, School daddy, Programmer, Graphics designer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Presenter, Instrumentalist etc. See you in 2020

15th December, 2019 johnsoncrystal
Bassist 🎸

5th December, 2019 johnsoncrystal
Stay hopeful, order for your Hopeful Me Customized Hood this Christmas 🎎🎇 - with @swat

27th November, 2019 johnsoncrystal
Achieve the impossible!! 🔥🔥🔥 #Johnsoncrystalkalu

25th November, 2019 johnsoncrystal
I've been trying this since 2018 and now in November 2019 I finally got it fixed. Push Notification will be enabled in the next release of HopefulMe App. Perseverance is key. Mon Dieu est bon #Ahopefulme #App #Goals #Perseverance

15th November, 2019 johnsoncrystal
Black and Hopeful!

7th November, 2019 johnsoncrystal
God has given my life a meaning and my existence a purpose. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Mon Dieu est bon... #HopefulMe

6th November, 2019 johnsoncrystal
You all are invited! Distance is not a barrier 😀😀

1st November, 2019 johnsoncrystal
Happy New Month Everyone. Save the date ❤ #Johnsoncrystalkalu #HopefulMe

29th October, 2019 johnsoncrystal
This world is full of pain. And we may not be able to take them away. But we can instill HOPE in our own lives. Because, when there is Hope in the future, there will be power for the present! #HopefulMe #Inspiration101

12th October, 2019 johnsoncrystal
I know that I can make it! #HopefulMe #Johnsoncrystalkalu

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