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15th April, 2021 johnsoncrystal
Hopeful Camera 😍😍 Mon Dieu est Bon

7th March, 2021 johnsoncrystal
Happy Sunday from JCK ❀

20th December, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Smile. πŸ™‚ Everything is gonna be alright ❀

20th December, 2020 johnsoncrystal
I have everything good in abundance. I AM A COMPLETE MAN ❀ #JCK #CompleteMan #HopefulMe

11th November, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Uploaded a new profile photo  

7th November, 2020 johnsoncrystal
For those of us in different locations. We can still celebrate online😁😍❀️.

7th November, 2020 johnsoncrystal
God has given my life a meaning and my existence a purpose. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Mon Dieu est Bon!!! 😊😊 #JCK #HopefulMe #CompleteMan #SlimAndHealthy #IntrovertedButSpecial #AsIBeganToDiscoverMyself

15th October, 2020 johnsoncrystal
I'm living a life of value and purpose. I'm a complete man 😁 Get your own T-shirt ASAP 😍 #SlimAndHealthy #CompleteMan #HopefulMe #JCK

11th October, 2020 johnsoncrystal

4th October, 2020 johnsoncrystal
What a hopeful Sunday πŸ˜€ . . . #JCK #Bassist #RaparaLiveBand #PCNNewHaven #HopefulMeTshirt #HopefulMe

15th September, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Uploaded a new profile photo  

4th September, 2020 johnsoncrystal
My name is Johnson Crystal Kalu. And I'll love to work with you Let's connect! #JCK

26th August, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Tune in! πŸŽ™οΈ Topic: Your personal man #Day1 #TheCompleteMan #Conference

2nd August, 2020 johnsoncrystal
We've gat Grace

30th July, 2020 johnsoncrystal
You inspire someone! ❀ #JCK #HopefulMe

26th July, 2020 johnsoncrystal

11th July, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Everyone has the passion to achieve certain goals but not everyone is willing to make the commitment. Learn to commit yourself to whatsoever you want to achieve. COMMITMENT OUTWEIGHS PASSION. Check out my new guitar 🎸 #JCK

2nd July, 2020 johnsoncrystal
You are specially invited to our Hopeful Me Video Conference this July! Date: Jul 4, 2020 11:00 AM (GMT +1)

19th June, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Let's connect 😊😊

16th May, 2020 johnsoncrystal
I remember when I told myself, I will be happy as soon as I get admitted into the higher institution. Well, I got the admission but I wasn't actually happier. I now assured myself all I needed was to get to my final year and I will be happy and free. I got to my final year and I still felt the sam.. Read more

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