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3 days ago johnsoncrystal
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4th September, 2020 johnsoncrystal
My name is Johnson Crystal Kalu. And I'll love to work with you Let's connect! #JCK

26th August, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Tune in! 🎙️ Topic: Your personal man #Day1 #TheCompleteMan #Conference

2nd August, 2020 johnsoncrystal
We've gat Grace

30th July, 2020 johnsoncrystal
You inspire someone! ❤ #JCK #HopefulMe

26th July, 2020 johnsoncrystal

11th July, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Everyone has the passion to achieve certain goals but not everyone is willing to make the commitment. Learn to commit yourself to whatsoever you want to achieve. COMMITMENT OUTWEIGHS PASSION. Check out my new guitar 🎸 #JCK

2nd July, 2020 johnsoncrystal
You are specially invited to our Hopeful Me Video Conference this July! Date: Jul 4, 2020 11:00 AM (GMT +1)

19th June, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Let's connect 😊😊

16th May, 2020 johnsoncrystal
I remember when I told myself, I will be happy as soon as I get admitted into the higher institution. Well, I got the admission but I wasn't actually happier. I now assured myself all I needed was to get to my final year and I will be happy and free. I got to my final year and I still felt the sam.. Read more

13th May, 2020 johnsoncrystal
We are coming out better 🙌 #HopefulMe

8th May, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Crazy things I've done: 1)When I combined beans & fried plantain with egg + bread and tea (milk, sugar, Milo) my stomach testified later that day. 2) When I was carrying out an experiment; I replaced my mom's phone battery with microphone battery and the phone burnt. Tell me yours. #HopefulAndCr.. Read more

27th April, 2020 johnsoncrystal

13th April, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Hopeful Me Social Media Tour... #AhopefulMe #SocialMediaTour

26th March, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Stay Hopeful and Strong 🙌

23rd March, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Yours Hopefully 😊😊😊

18th March, 2020 johnsoncrystal
very important

27th February, 2020 johnsoncrystal
I made an inspirational video today. Anticipate!!! #JCK #HopefulMe

27th January, 2020 johnsoncrystal
You are can achieve more, you were not created to be average. Join us at HopefulMe. Let's inspire the world around us. #HopefulMe

26th January, 2020 johnsoncrystal
Hopeful Crystal

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