Johnson Crystal Kalu's School Daughters

When God asked us to go into the world and multiply, Johnson Crystal Kalu took it personal (lol)..
Graceyy Eke (A Writer, Computer Engineer and Web developer)
Amara Ndukwe (An Entrepreneur and Administrator)
Beatrice (A Writer and Speaker)
Promise Awa (A Civil Engineer and Singer)
Chinenye (A biochemist and writer)
Mercy Emmanuel (A Vet Doctor and Speaker)
Blessing lekwa (A Relationship Speaker and Biochemist)
Ada (An Economist and Entrepreneur)
Ogba Sopuru (A Fashion Designer)
Cecilia Raphael (A music Minister)
Temani (A Lawyer and Speaker)
Ume Gold (A Speaker and Human Anatomist)
ifeoma (An Speaker and Writer)
Hannah Okoro (A leader and Speaker)
ChiomaPrecious (A writer and Librarian)
ifeoma Ogba (An Entrepreneur)
Chinyere Hilson (A presenter and writer)
Sophia (A writer and Entertainer)
Christian Goodness (A Speaker and Writer)
Amarachi George (A music minister and Speaker)
Helen Thomas (A speaker and Writer)
Jane Amara (A photographer and Speaker)
Chidera Nwachukwu (A Lawyer and Writer)
Judith Ohagorom (A web developer)
Onum Charity (A singer and Speaker)
Christabel Amarachi (A speaker)
Amogu Grace (A Music Minister and Speaker)
Iyke Precious (A speaker)
Angela Anyaogu (A Leader and Entrepreneur)
Special-Grace Onunka (A Leader and an Optometrist)
Ngam Ugochi (An Editor and a Presenter)
Kalu Esther (An Nutritionist and a Speaker)
Officially, he has 32 school daughters.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Question: Why do you have only school daughters, what about your sons? Answer: I've seen families that have only female children, so that shouldn't be an issue. Well, I have "school sons" but I see it as inappropriate calling a man like I am a school son.
Question: Why are your school daughters so many? Answer: When God asked us to go to into the world and multiply, I took it personal. Moreover I didn't find them, they found me.
Question: Where is their school mother? Answer: There's no mother yet. But I hope to find her soon.
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